Appward Thinking

Ideas are everywhere

Taking app ideas through by delivering experimental versions and then incorporating users' feedback to take each idea further.

Are you a developer open to experiment with your ideas?

As a software engineer and interaction designer I embarked on a challenge to convert ideas to mobile apps in an effective iterative way. I've created a course to share my learnings and encourage developers like you to explore their potential.

From an Idea to the App Store

Get inspired, get to the business, get it done!

This course is for developers who are open to experiment with their ideas and push them out into the world.

Why should you experiment you may ask?

Because it's exciting! Because your work has potential! Not every app is successful in the App Store - going viral or makes millions. However, you never know what's next in line for success. The only way to find out is to put it out into the world!

And YOU have the power to make it happen!


The course is based on native iOS development with Swift as an example aiming to publishing in the App Store. And offers a large portion of techniques that are applicable and easily transferrable to other development and distribution platforms.

All you need to do is: COMMIT, PRIORITIZE & FOCUS!

Start with MVP, explore & iterate!

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